JOKE of the Day

Guess Who’s been Drinking?

On the top of a tall building in a large city, there was a bar. In this bar, a man was drinking heavily. He would ask the bartender for a tequila shot, then walk out to the balcony and jump off. Minutes later he would appear in the elevator and repeat the whole process.

This one guy watched this happen a number of times until curiosity got the better of him.

Finally he went up to the man and asked, “Hey, you keep drinking, then jumping off the balcony. And yet, minutes later, you’re back again. How do you do it?”

“Well,” said the other man, “the shot of tequila provides buoyancy such that when I get near the ground, I slow down and land gently. It’s lot of fun. You should try it.”

The guy, who was also quite drunk, thought to himself, “Hey, why not?”

So he goes out to the balcony, jumps off, and seconds laterhe has splatted straight onto the ground, stone dead.

The bartender looks over to the other guy and says, “Clark, you can be a complete as*hole when you are drunk”


Turn Any Messenger Bag or Briefcase into a Backpack in an Instant

Messenger bags and briefcases have the advantage of being at your side and easily accessible, plus you can sit down on a chair while wearing them. Still, many of us (myself included) prefer the good old backpack for comfort, aesthetics, and several other reason. If you’d rather not choose, however, Reddit user turnTheLead demonstrates how you can just take pretty much any messenger bag or briefcase and turn it into a backpack in just a few seconds.

You can get a pretty good visual representation of how it works from the photo above, but turnTheLead explains it step by step:

  1. Lengthen the shoulder strap all the way.
  2. Pass the shoulder strap through the handles
  3. Open it up so you have two holes for your arms to go through.
  4. Put it on and be hands-free, ready to fight or eat a hot dog.

Pretty cool. For more pictures, check out the full post over at Reddit.

Instantly turn your briefcase or shoulder bag into a back pack | Reddit: Life Pro Tips