The Artistic Process Brought to Life through Video

Since the launch of Instagram videos artists use Instagram to bring people into their studio for an intimate glimpse at their craft, and with last week’s addition of video on Instagram, many artists have begun sharing clips of their works in progress.

To see in-the-making shots brought to life, check out these accounts on Instagram:

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FREE! – Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovereign Review

One of the biggest problems facing RPGs is the stagnation of turn-based combat. While it’s not something that ruins every game, it’s hard to deny that constantly clicking through a menu with limited interaction isn’t very engaging. Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovereign breaks through this mold with an overhand swing by creating a touch-based combat system that’s fun and surprisingly deep. Did I mention that it has great visuals and is free to play?

Your typical playthrough of Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovereign will look something a great deal like Infinity Blade. You’re seeking to destroy a great force of destruction (Sovering, Demon of Grief), but you have to battle through waves of enemies in one-on-one combat to get to him. Unlike your typical RPG, gameplay puts a high emphasis on combat and a low emphasis on story.

Your journey begins by choosing one of five unique heroes. Each one brings a different skill, elemental affinity, and weapon. Whether you want to pound your way through with Ursula’s war hammer or fry your foes with Torus’ magic, there’s a character that will fit your play style.

Each section of the game is divided into its own chapter of five to ten unique encounters. Every victory brings you experience, gold, and loot, while also bringing you another step closer to Sovereign.

 Revenge of Sovering

Battles make complete use of the iOS touch screen, with directional swipes, taps, and motions determining your every action. Unlike traditional turn-based systems, Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovereign is constantly active, with character models striking and weaving throughout the battle. Every foe has a respectable set of combat animations, making each fight feel unique and dynamic.

Gameplay begins simply: a swipe of a finger attacks your enemy in the direction that you please. However, as the game presses on, the system gets pretty heavy. Certain blows will spill mana orbs from your target, which can be collected in order to unleash powerful magic attacks. Certain enemy attacks will expel rage orbs, which allow you to engage in a risk-reward system of combat bonuses. Some enemy attacks can be dodged by completing a quick-time event, such as tapping all of their magic orbs in time, or by successfully recreating a memory sequence.

It sounds like a lot to handle, but the game introduces each new element one-by-one in a tutorial that keeps things easy to understand.

 Revenge of Sovering

The only factor that I didn’t really enjoy was the game’s execution feature. Occasionally, enemies you fight can be expelled by a gory Mortal Kombat-style finishing move. Unlike Mortal Kombat, however, the move is mandatory, and rewards you with twice the amount of loot. For a game that really isn’t very violent otherwise, it’s a pretty strange mismatched aesthetic.

Aside from chapter combat, there are plenty of side quests at your disposal. Each completed area draws loyal citizens who pledge money to your cause. Occasionally, a monster will attack the citizens, giving you a chance to fend them off and keep your gold earnings high. Completed areas can also be scoured for treasure with scarabs, letting you earn large rewards of treasure and items through a lock-picking minigame.

Being a free-to-play game, there’s the usual pick of in-game and premium real-money currency. You can buy the game’s best items right away with real money if you want, but there’s no point if you want a decent challenge. I was able to play for several hours without having to invest a dime, and I was able to buy plenty of gear along the way with regular gold.

 Revenge of Sovering

The problem, however, is that this system doesn’t last forever.

By the time that I had been stumped (at the final boss of chapter 4), there simply wasn’t enough gold available in order to power up without dropping real-life money. I’m not opposed to a system like this at all, especially after a game has let me play it for nearly half a dozen hours for free. Unfortunately, one quick look at the game’s shop had me looking the other way.

In my scenario, it would have cost me 1600 of the game’s premium currency in order to upgrade each of my eight pieces of armor. The cheapest way to get that much currency through microtransactions? A whopping twenty-three dollars. While I’m not sure that I would need an upgrade for all eight of my items in order to beat the boss that I’m stuck on, that is still a very steep price to climb.

Yet, despite the giant price hurdle, I really can’t complain too much. Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovereign looks great, plays great, and has plenty of different modes to keep a player occupied for a long time. While could likely have drawn several more hours from me with a more attractive premium system, I still loved the zero time I spent with it, and will likely be trying out a second character soon.


  • High production value with cutscenes, voices, and dozens of unique models and animations. Unique and engaging turn-based combat system. Several minigames and extra features to keep you occupied for hours.


  • “Execution” feature seems very out of place. Difficulty curve skyrockets at the end of chapter 4, requiring a considerable amount of in-app purchases to stay competitive.
General Overview of the Game
The graphics of this game are fantastic. The attention to detail is outstanding. – PadGadget (4/5)
Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovereign looks great, plays great, and has plenty of different modes to keep a player occupied for a long time. – GameZebo (4/5)
Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering is a unique experiment in touchscreen gaming, and brings something unexpected to the fantasy action genre. – Slide To Play (3+/4)
This is a fantastic game. It is beautiful and has amazing graphics. The gameplay is exciting without being overwhelming. –AppAdvice
If you are a fan of turn-based RPGs, this game is a must for your collection, and even if you weren’t before, this game might just make you a fan of the genre. – iPhone Life
An entirely new breed of RPG has risen from the smoldering ashes of Haradan. You, as one of 6 legendary warriors known as “Scorpions”, are entrusted to defeat the terrifying Sovering and save the land. Venture into a surreal 3D world to slay over 100 horrifying beasts and complete perilous quests on your way to an epic final battle against the formidable demon! After eons of ceaseless bloodshed, the time to destroy civilization’s greatest adversary has come. Can you take on the legion and fight your way to freedom?
– 6 customizable legendary warriors to choose from: each with unique skills, back stories and weapons
– 12 classes of mighty armor
– A wide array of items and weapons that change the appearance of your hero
– 4 schools of magic and 12 fighting spells for you to cast upon enemies
– 30 levels of progression for each hero
– Choose to fight your enemies 3 different ways: Tap, swipe, or use combo-hit control!
– Turn based fighting with unique twists: act swiftly and be sure your enemy isn’t looking in the direction you attack from
– Epic cinematic executions for each hero
– 3 in-fight mini games: “collect the mana”, memory game and fighting the “evil eye”
– 100+ terrifying enemies to fight
– 30+ hours of heart-stopping gameplay
– 15 unique locations, from forests and deserts to cities and caves, in which to battle fiends
– 5 special quests that open 5 out of 15 secret locations
– 2 mini games: locating buried treasure and lock picking
– 50+ achievements
– Beautiful 3D graphics
Keep up with all the Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering buzz by visiting us on Facebook:
“Juggernaut: The Revenge of Sovering” – innovations in the game!
The first players have already set foot on the scorching land of Radway to do battle against the terrible Sovering and his minions. But this does not mean that the game’s developers are resting on their laurels. Work is constantly underway to improve Juggernaut: The Revenge of Sovering!
There are no limits to perfection, and the creators of “Juggernaut: The Revenge of Sovering” have many more surprises in store.
  • Note : No Root Required
  • This Application May Have not purchased “ERROR” you can Clear Data of Juggernaut from Manage APPS and place data folder properly,then play.
password :
Install APK and place data folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and play
Data Folder LOCATION: Android/Obb/

File-sharing Rolls out From Facebook for Facebook Groups. Worth it?

Facebook began the process of rolling out file sharing for groups today, allowing you to share files of most types up to 25MB. This might be useful for the average Facebook user who doesn’t want to leave the service to send someone a file, but there are several other services we think are much better.

If you want to share files quickly, check out It allows you to send a link to the file before it even finishes uploading so you can just get the upload started and forget about it. If you want a more group-friendly service, however, Dropmark is fantastic. It has plenty of awesome collaboration features which you can learn more about here.

Facebook Rolls Out File-Sharing for All Groups | Mashable

To Outsource, Or Not To Outsource your Social Media

“Should I outsource my social media?” is one of the most popular question that a lot of businesses ask these days. The truth is there are many things that factor in and you’ll to look at them before considering making any decision about outsourcing social media.

The first thing I want to clarify is that social media outsourcing comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s important to realize that just because a social media service provider offers a specific package or arrangement for their services, doesn’t mean those are the only options out there. There are lots of ways you can work with social media professionals to make your social media effective and it doesn’t have to just be someone posting for you. I think the reason many ask if they should outsource social media is because they are overwhelmed. They don’t understand how the tools work, they don’t know where they should post, they don’t know what to post, and they don’t know how much time and money they should invest. So, they find someone to post for them and all they get is joy of paying someone else to be as scattered and random in their postings as they would’ve been doing it by themselves.

However I would say yes, I believe most small businesses and entrepreneurs need external help with their social media. This would enable business owners to really focus on what’s important and that’s to generate revenue and find new customers, but I don’t think you should hire someone else to simply post for you. Rather, the scenario looks much more like a partnership than an outsourcing agreement. 

So, how to find the right help and relationship to have with a social media company? Ask yourself the following questions to determine what you need:

  • How big is your company?

    Are you a one-woman (or man) shop and everyone knows it? Or, are you a small business, but customers interact with several employees on a regular basis? Regardless of size, social media needs to be transparent. Don’t ever use a ghost poster and intentionally hide that person’s identity or appear as if they are someone else. If multiple people post under one profile, they should always sign their posts with their names or have separate profiles so they can be identified. You don’t want to turn people off by losing the personal connection they can feel by knowing who they’re interacting with. If you’re a one-person shop, it doesn’t make very much sense to have anyone else posting for you. Your customers come to you for a reason and so you should always be the one posting. You need to interact with your customers personally to make the connections with them that draw them to your business.

  • Do you like doing social media?

    If you absolutely can’t stand social media and get frustrated with it frequently, you probably shouldn’t be the one posting. Definitely don’t do it because you “have to.” If you aren’t enthused about it, get someone else to post for your company, but make sure they are using the language you want them to use. Make it very transparent that someone else is posting and make it very clear they are the delivery person of the information that’s being transferred. They should be personable and friendly. One important note, however, is that most people that say they hate social media are actually scared, overwhelmed, and confused by it. If that’s you, simply take the time to learn the tools, then learn the strategy, piece-by-piece. I think you’ll find your feelings about it will change drastically. Don’t expect to learn it all overnight. Break it down into very small pieces and go step-by-step.

  • Do you know the tools?

    Sometimes I work with people who are excited to get started in social media, but they don’t know how to log into their Facebook account. Social media services are different than accounting services. Since it is social, after all, you need to take personal ownership in it. As much as some may not like it, you shouldn’t outsource your social media just because you don’t want to learn the tools. You don’t have to become an expert at it, but finding a social media partner is more about making it efficient and effective, not just dumping it so you don’t have to do the work. Would you ever dump your customer service department or sales staff to a call center in China just because you don’t understand how the process works or you don’t want to learn how? That’s not a very good strategy in my opinion. If you don’t know how to log into your accounts, that is not the time to outsource any of your social media. Think of it differently; once you learn the tools and know how to use them, THEN you can graduate to finding a partner to help create efficiency. 

  • Do you have a strategy?

    Many social media novices (and even those that have been around for a while) post as though they’re shooting an arrow with a blindfold on. They can’t see their target, and their posts are often random, inconsistent and vague, going in all sorts of directions. It doesn’t make sense to add more people in (or outside) your business posting with the same approach. All you’ll have is a mine field of random arrows flying around. Ouch! Watch out! It would make more sense to hire a company to help develop your strategy, rather than to handle your posting. Find someone who will help establish your goals and objectives, create a content list and library, and create an editorial calendar to establish timing and frequency for posting content that is relevant and appealing to your audience. (Check out my free Social Media Calendar Template).

    Make sure the company you hire takes the time to learn about your company, your customers, and asks you pressing questions about who you’d like to serve and what you want to achieve by serving that group of people. This is the core of establishing a solid marketing strategy. Don’t waste time shooting arrows that land all over the place and especially don’t multiply that by outsourcing. It’s more important and wise to invest in a partner to help you strategize and plan. You know the company you’re working with is good if they ask questions that are hard to answer or require you to consider new options. Sometimes you’re too close to your business to see things with a clear view.

  • Is posting the problem, or is creating content?

    Another reason business people outsource social media is because they don’t know what to say and think a social media agency is going to know the answers. While a good agency may how to find good content, you have to carefully evaluate what they’re doing for you. Are they simply going to post content that you have to provide? Are they going to provide content, and if so, do they know what is relevant and interesting to your audience? 

    Maybe, instead of worrying about finding someone to post for you (which only takes a few minutes a day if you put the right system in place), you should find someone who can help determine what to post. That includes creating lists of content, finding content, establishing the ideal mix of promotional and informative content, and identifying what your audience wants to hear. Once you’ve done all of this, you need to create an editorial calendar and schedule when you’ll post and when you’ll curate more content. After that, actually posting is simple as pie and doesn’t take much time at all.

  • How much time can you devote to posting?

    One of the most common pieces of advice floating around in the social media space is how much time a person should spend on social media per day. Everyone has a different answer for this, but the real answer is you should spend as much time as is necessary to be effective. That number isn’t going to be the same from business to business. You should also use your time in the most efficient way possible. I recommend creating a schedule that works for you. Don’t just set a timer and spend 30 minutes hanging out online. Use your time with intention and work through a list of tasks to complete. That will tell you how long to spend each day. If it takes longer than you have time, find the tasks that can be handled by someone else (like responding to very basic comments or inquiries).

    Don’t forget to include the time it takes to plan your social media and find new content. Weed out the things that can be done by someone else and hire a new member of your team, or find an external team to help.

  • How complex are the questions people ask about your business?

    Often, no one knows our businesses better than we do. It’s normal to feel that no one else can answer your customer’s questions better than you. This mindset will make life extremely difficult as your business grows. While it may be true, you have to put systems in place to remove yourself from your business and let it operate independently from you. (For a great book on this topic, read Michael Gerber’s The E-Myth.)

    Likewise, the same is true with social media. There’s a lot of interaction that needs to happen long before your customers will get to the deep questions only you can answer. It’s definitely possible to get help responding to comments and simply being social with your followers. Then, any tough questions can be forwarded to you for followup.

I hope you can see how outsourcing social media should be more than just hiring someone to post on your behalf. It really depends on where you are in understanding social media and how to utilize an outside resource to maximize efficiency while aligning with a strategy. Hiring help should be thought of as a way to improve social media and not a way to reduce the work you have to do. Otherwise, I believe you are just wasting money. You need to find someone who will work with you in the ways that make the most sense for your business and will give the best results. Don’t settle for cookie-cutter packages!

What are some ways you can hire a social media partner to help you improve? You can hit the “Work With Me?” section of this site and find out more.

Instagram’s Android App Reaches 10 Million Downloads

Instagram’s Android application continue to grow at an impressive rate, today hitting 10 million downloads on the Google Play Marketplace, just 22 days after it launched on the platform.

Instagram is enjoying a relatively quiet period after the buzz of its Android launch, then the unexpected and huge announcement that it had been bought by Facebook for $1 billion. The company is looking at hitting 50 million users on all platforms after reaching the 40 million mark just under two weeks ago.

If you’re unaware of Instagram’s successful Android launch, it started with the app reaching 1 million downloads in under 24 hours. It then only took another five days for the company to add another four million downloads, surpassing the 5 million mark on its sixth day of availability.

Today it has doubled that tally, taking a little over two weeks to do so:

Android users had been waiting a long time for the photo-sharing app to launch on the platform, and even when the company launched its pre-registration process, Android smartphone owners rushed to be a part of it. When it opened pre-registration for its Android variant on March 24, it attracted 430,000 pre-registration signups in the following days.

Instagram currently has more than 47 million users (not all are active), with it certain to reach the 50 million milestone in the coming days.

With news of the acquisition hitting media outlets and news channels the world over, more and more users are becoming aware of the service and seeing friends and family interact and share photos using the app to Facebook and Twitter, helping it move into the mainstream.

Facebook may have paid a hefty price for the popular app, but given its increasing popularity and huge usage, it is looking to be a very smart buy by Zuckerberg and co.

A Better Facebook Mobile App

Fast Facebook Brings Slimmed Down ExperienceWhat do many users often request from the Facebook mobile app development team? A faster, less bloated experience for starters. And a way to theme it would be nice as well. Whether it is small bug fixes or big feature omissions, there are a lot of users who are frustrated and dissatisfied with the official Facebook application. Now, those users have a second option.

XDA Forum Member taomorpheus has created a Facebook application dubbed Fast Facebook, which looks to fill in the gaps where the old Facebook left off. It promises a much faster and smoother Facebook experience, without sacrificing any of the features. It even includes a few features that the standard Facebook application lacks.

Fast Facebook can be themed. Unlike other themed versions of the Facebook application, there are theme packs for Fast Facebook that allow users to change the look themselves and upload their own backgrounds from their photo gallery. Think desktop wallpaper, but for Facebook. The application also features pretty much everything you’d need in a Facebook app, including the chat function, usual notifications, posting on walls, and so on. The application’s big claims to fame, however, is how it is designed to be streamlined and run more quickly and is based on Android 4.0 design language. It is a beta, though, so expect there to be a few bugs when roving around. taomorpheus is working hard to iron them out but a beta is a beta.

More information, screen shots, download links, change logs, and feature lists are available in the google play. Go get your Facebook on in a different way.

Fotolr Photo Studio

Use this app to make some amazing picture effects in less than one minute.
Fotolr Photo Studio (Fotolr PS) is a photo processing App which has many powerful and useful functions,.

This software includes 22 functions that are often used in image processing, and has almost all the photo editing functions and photo effects.
No matter you are a professional or a novice, you can use this app to make some amazing picture effects in less than one minute.
This app also has photo album, so you can sort through your photos and transfer your photo.

5 major functions:
Picture editing, Portrait processing , Photo effects, Photo album, Photo sharing via mail or other SNS

1)Picture editing
* Rotation
* Cut
* Resize image
* Draw
* Adjust image color and brightness
2)Image Effects
* Photo Effects , more than 80
* color splash
* Picture Frame
* Picture Sense
* Add text to the pictures
* Face triming
* Acne Removing
* Whitening Effect
* Blusher
* Lipstick
* Wig
* Hair Dyeing
4)Album function,
* store, photo description, clone,
preview photos, export photos, preview pictures, ordering
5)photo sharing
* Twitter,Facebook,Tumblr and Sina Weibo.
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LinkedIn App for your Handheld Devices

LinkedIn is one of popular social media. Now, you can stay connected with your account on your android with LinkedIn app for android. The current version is LinkedIn 2.0.2 android. You can download the app for free via android market. Here is the detail about LinkedIn 2.0.2.

LinkedIn 2.0.2 apk android


Get on-the-go access to your professional network with LinkedIn for Android. Find and connect with more than 120M members worldwide, read the latest industry news, keep up-to-date with your groups, and share content with your network from anywhere. This is official app from LinkedIn for your android phone or tablet.LinkedIn 2.0.2 android brings some new features and improvements. Here are the new features:

  • Support for Move to SD card!
  • Fixed connection photos so they now update as part of Connection Sync.
  • Sharing to Twitter is back! Anything you share or re-share from the app can be sent to Twitter.
  • In-app notifications for new messages and invitations.
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks based on user feedback.


Now, if you want to stay connected with your LinkedIn account on your android, download Download LinkedIn 2.0.2 APK from the link below.

Download LinkedIn 2.0.2 via Android Market

The Top 10 Fact…

The Top 10 Facts About Successful Networking

Networking doesn’t have to be as hard as we think it might be. These highly practical ideas will help you be a better networker than ever, whether you are promoting your business, looking for a job, or simply seeking information on any topic at all.

1. Networking is not just about getting a job, or selling a product or service.

Its main purpose is to give or get useful information. As such, it is one of the best research tools we have available to us.

2. It doesn’t have to be slimy.

We’ve all been bombarded by high-pressure salespeople trying to sell us things we don’t want or need. Even if we do want or need some of those things, we refuse to buy because of the offensive sales tactics. In today’s successful networking model, we look for ways to help other people, and we don’t ignore people who may not be in our target market.

3. Networking gets harder when we feel more desperate.

Others can sense when your sole purpose is to make a sale or find a job. If you change your objective to taking a single step closer to your goal, the stakes won’t seem as high and you will feel more relaxed, less desperate.

4. Never put anyone you are networking with on the spot – take the pressure off everyone.

The easiest way to do this is to ask general questions rather than direct questions. Ask about “business owners like you,” “companies like yours,” “in your industry,” instead of seeking information specific to them.

5. Replace, “Do you know anyone who…?” with, “Whom do you know that…?”

When you ask a question that has a yes or no answer, it’s easier for your audience to say no and then stop thinking, and yet we all have a desire to help people. Asking, “Whom do you know at XYZ Company who could answer my questions about ___________?” will encourage problem solving rather than an easy “No,” even if you don’t use the word “whom!”

6. Networking is happening all the time, even when you don’t think it is.

We’ve all heard that you never have a second chance to make a first impression. This is not to say we shouldn’t be ourselves, but to remind us that everything a person sees in us speaks as loudly as our words. The second part of this is that everyone you know could be in a position to help you reach your goals, even if you don’t know how they can.

7. Your results will improve if you decide in advance exactly what you want to gain from an event.

Find who will be there. Do you want to meet three new people? Learn more about volunteer opportunities in an organization or region? Find a better mechanic? Look for volunteers for an organization near and dear to you? All are possible if you keep in mind why you’re there. With that said, be sure to remain open to the unexpected and give yourself permission to take another path when it presents itself!

8. Networking works best when we build relationships.

It shouldn’t be used just to look for sales opportunities or try to promote ourselves. If we are so focused on “the next sale” (putting dinner on the table), we come across as tense, and may fail to build relationships for the long term. We may even overlook a person whose own network could generate huge benefits to us over time.

9. What you get back doesn’t necessarily come back from the same people you’ve helped in the past.

Those you help will spend time saying good things about you. As word gets around, other people will seek you out. As your good reputation grows, other people will help you, and you will reach your goals, helped sometimes only indirectly by those you’ve helped in the past. Even though this is very true these days, some of your contacts may still expect something in return for their help. Be sure you know this before you disappear into the sunset!

10. Quality is so much better than quantity!

Meeting 2-3 people at an event and learning more about their needs and challenges is far more valuable than collecting (or giving away) 20 business cards. Understanding a person and his or her business will give you good insight as to what you can do for them when an opportunity arises – be it information, a link to another person, or an offer of working for them as an employee.

About the Submitter:

This piece was originally submitted by Alice Wojcio, Training Consultant and Personal and Business Coach, who can be reached at or visited on the web.

Copyright 2000-2004 CoachVille, LLC. May be distributed if full attribution is given and copyright notice is included.

Browse Facebook at Work Without Getting Compromised.

Web site lets you check your Facebook Newsfeed at work without the worry of prying eyes with a clever interface that poses as an Excel spreadsheet.

Now you can get away with cruising around Facebook at work, even when your boss is peering over your shoulder. Well, as long as the boss doesn’t look too closely.

Even the laziest slacker can look busy in a jiffy with this interactive adaptation of many of Facebook’s functions. Simply go to, click “Gimme Dem Spreadsheets,” enter your Facebook credentials, and there’s your Facebook newsfeed, all done up to look exactly like an Excel spreadsheet.

It’s not just a static graphic, either — lets you search for Facebook friends by entering names into the formula bar, load more items, check your newsfeed, wall, or tag photos, hover to see who liked a post, and there’s even a boss switch (the spacebar) that immediately changes everything into a vast sea of spreadsheet numbers all nestled within their legitimate-looking cells.

Just go to the site and give it access to your Facebook account, it populates a pedestrian-looking spreadsheet with your Facebook newsfeed. No eye-catching logos, sound effects, or chat windows will mar your appearance of diligent productivity. You will be able to browse your photo albums, so be careful as pictures can be eye-catching to that work busybody that always seems to be walking by your cubicle.

You can hover your mouse over comments and Likes, which give you more information and thumbnail previews when you do. You can even activate a “Bosskey” (the space bar) that acts as an emergency kill switch and will kick you immediately into a more real-looking spreadsheet should you need to look like you’re doing legitimate work in a hurry.

These sort of tools are always a little silly—for example, the window uses a Windows XP style, so hopefully that’s what you’re using at work. Unproductive work maybe more sinister than goofing off, maybe its not all that bad.