Who again???

The owner of this blog or most people would refer to as Jay has been in the sales and business development for roughly 9 years helping businesses expand their clientele base and build stronger business relationships with their clients. He has trained and develop exceptional individuals in Sales, Customer Service, Leadership and Management in the BPO and Call Centre industry in the Philippines.

Well trained in cold calling, best practice in business to business lead generation and internet marketing. Jay performed as Senior Sales Director for an online advertising company based in Hawaii with operations located in the Philippines who caters majorly to medium sized business in the US. His primary functions include monitoring day to day sales operations and advertising campaign management across different ad networks. Training and development of frontline account managers which includes continuous process of optimizing training content to assure better retention of knowledge and increased performance. Constantly evaluates and improves process in Sales and Campaign Management. He is also in charge of recruitment efforts in correlation to the companies needs in terms of growth. As the POC of their executive board and investors, he’s in charge of cascading vital information relating to changes and in the direction of the company in terms of achieving it’s goals and vision.

He had special projects in the off-set printing industry helping a business in new client acquisition and maximizing profits in the local schools and government sector. Generating more than 3-4 million in business revenues every month. Most recently, Jay has been working with Bigblock Solutions as their Business Development Manager expanding their reach and growing their clientele base. Bb provides cost-effective solutions on Web Development, Mobile Applications, SEO/ SEM? Social Media Marketing, CMS Deployment, API Design.  For more info click here and visit our website.

At present, Jay is working for Yondu, Inc. (Globe Telecom Subsidiary) as a Business Development Manager resource for Globe Labs APIs new client and partner acquisitions. His role is involve with managing existing clients and exploring profitable partnerships and marketing channels for new product development under Globe Labs Digital Media. Watch a quick introduction to Globe’s Telco APIs and learn more on how you can extend your reach to you potential clients.

Jay is also working as business partner with Philam Life Wealth Coaches Philippines (Vergel De Dios), as one of their Wealth Coach. Creating awareness for Filipinos everywhere that there are affordable and flexible methods to protect your family and their financial future. Helping people learn more ways on growing their wealth. Filipinos are hard working individuals working diligently local and abroad and its about time to let money work for yourself.

Jay is a huge PC and online gaming enthusiast. He’s played titles such as Assassin’s Creed Franchise, Dragon Age Franchise (complete with all the expansion packs SIMS III (complete with all expansion and addons), SIMS 4 NFSMW, Call of Duty, Elder Scrolls Oblivion & Skyrim, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Shadow of Mordor, Castlevania: LOS, Saints ROW 4, Sleeping Dogs, Resident Evil, Walking Dead, Tomb Raider, Ghost Recon, LOL, and more.



Business Development, Business Research, Account Management, Sales and Communication Training, Sales Management, Leadership, MMORPG gamer, Novice Traceur.

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