Mermaids Found, Mermaids Duped

I found this strange video being shared online about two guys getting a glimpse of what seemed like a seal but when ti moved it left an impression of a fabled creature we all now call as mermaids (Mermaid sighting at Kiryat Yam. There was a documentary on mermaids I found on discovery channel lining the exact same video.  So I watched it, and all sorts of red flags began waving. Although it was masterfully done, the production just didn’t ring true like the natural behavior of typical scientist who made a rear discovery they all seemed frightened by thought, instead of bursting in pure excitement at least the notion of that excitement being bottled for it would be an epic discovery.  Suspicious, I did a quick Google search and discovered it wasn’t a documentary at all.  It was science fiction written by way of a “documentary.” And the reason all the “scientists” seemed to act like actors was that they were. Its called a docufiction and was based on some real events and scientific theory.”


If you watched closely, you would catch the screen at the end saying it was all fictional, but it was only up for a split second.

The story is fairly convincing. Norwegian fisherman for years have caught sharks and large fish with strange “spears” and “knives” driven into them. But only humans use tools and such weapons. Drawings of “mermaids” are found in virtually all sea faring cultures, especially the Greeks, Romans, Norse, Chinese, Japanese. And in the deserts of Egypt, sandstone drawings show humans interacting with aquatic humanoids sporting spears and nets with rocks designed to ensnare fish and drop them to the sea floor. Once overlooking a vast sea, the caves in which these drawings were found now overlook only sand. But they’re some of the oldest sandstone drawings ever discovered.

It’s far too complicated to get into, but it illustrates how people can be led by formats of information that we trust. In the same way, many people trusted the old 1938 War of the Worlds broadcast. Looking back, it should have been obvious. But for many it wasn’t. I became suspicious by the poor acting and the idea that early humanoid apes evolved into tail flapping mermaids with webbed hands simply by taking out to sea for long periods. It’s the same as saying that people who jump off cliffs long enough will develop wings! Land animals can spend all day in the sea, but at the end of the day they come home and sleep in caves or in the forests.

So I wondered how many of you watched this…and got fooled by the craft of acting and literature. I went back to the comments on the video and surprisingly many fell into believing it was real and only a handful  who were skeptics about the authenticity of the video. The rest didn’t care.

It shows how easily the general public could be manipulated by this types of information. Well, I guess a little research wouldn’t hurt. you never know when someone might get you into discussion and you might end up duped by believing it was real.

PS: The sighting on Kiryat Ram is also fake.

“The video, entitled “Mermaid Sighting in Kiryat Yam,” is a fictional presentation created for a special entitled Mermaids: The New Evidence which first aired on Animal Planet on May 26, 2013. It is a follow-up to the 2012 special entitled Mermaids: The Body Found. The 2013 “New Evidence” special aired as part of Monster Week.

Both of these “mockumentary” presentations depict fictional encounters with strange creatures”.

by Wafflesatnoon

Be informed.



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