European Games Market Growth Higher Than US

Consumer Spending Up 3% in Western Europe Versus 1% in the US.

This year will see a 3% increase in consumer spending on games in Western Europe compared to 2011. Today, games market research firm Newzoo released a series of reports and infographics on seven European countries: UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium, who represent approximately three quarters of the $20bn European games market. However, growth of the total European region is higher than 3%, boosted by markets such as Russia and Poland. Over the coming years, growth in Western Europe as well as the US is expected to accelerate based on the fact that significantly more gamers have started to spend money: +17% and +36% respectively. When the average spending of these gamers rises next year, the Western markets will return to healthy growth figures, but the detailed dynamics behind the growth differ significantly per country.

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Consumers and their Screens

In brief, digital distributed content, online, smartphone and tablet games make up for the decline of boxed retail sales. Since the uptake of tablets and smartphones as gaming devices, consumers now have four typical screens to access their entertainment. Consumers are spreading their budget across these screens putting pressure on individual game revenues and making it a necessity for game companies to offer games across all screens. The PC still grosses most time and money, but already 22% of American and 21% of European gamers are using all four screens.
The summary reports and infographics on the US and seven EU countries can be found on the Newzoo website: and 

Comparing Countries

The dynamics of each individual European market are very different and relate to cultural and social differences. Several key findings from the research:

  • The share of paying gamers has risen to 59% in Western Europe, 55% in the US.
  • Social network gaming market is down 7% in the US. Highest growth in Europe is in Germany.
  • Germany also boasts highest growth in money spent on online “casual” game portals.
  • Spain is the fastest growing MMO market in Western Europe.
  • The UK dominates Europe in mobile game spending, in absolute figures and in growth.
  • Console game spending is flat in most countries but Spain and Italy show double digit growth.
  • PC Boxed sales is down in every country, most noticeably in Italy, Spain, France and Germany.
  • PC Download games spending is down in most countries except Germany and Italy.

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