Slender GAME scared the living crap out of me!!!

A first person horror game where your goal is to find eight scripts about a paranormal creature called Slender Man.

You start of at night in a forest, and your only source of light is a flashlight that will run out of juice pretty quickly. You can turn off the battery to conserve power, but that leaves you standing in the dark with only the stars in the sky to lead your way.

The documents that you need to find are found on larger objects like a building, a giant tree or a rock formation, so that you do not have to stare down on the grass and every single tree you come across to see if one of the documents can be found there.

The game area is fenced and you have paths that you can use to walk around on the map. You are not limited to those though, and it is perfectly possible to wander off in hope of finding a shortcut or escaping Slender Man who is after you.

Slender Man’s presence becomes more apparent once you find the first sheet of paper. When Slender Man comes close, music starts to play to warn you of the presence. You can sprint instead of jog when that happens, but sprinting reduces your characters stamina which you need to refresh by walking or standing still.  You should not look at Slender Man during an encounter as it will end the game if you do that for too long.

General game controls, moving, running, collecting pages, etc.

  • W,A,S,D – Moving
  • Mouse – Look around you
  • Left Mouse Button – collect script notes
  • Right Mouse Button – Flashlight
  • Left Shift – Run
  • Q/E – Zoom-In/-Out

“The more directly you come in contact with the Slender Man, the faster your sanity drains.”

Things you should know:
  • The difficulty increases with each collected page (note).
  • After collecting 3 pages Slender Man will appear right in front of you. RUN!
  • You can use the sky to keep your orientation.
  • Only run when necessery.
  • The 8 places to collect the pages are marked in the slender-world map.

Graphics are pretty good for an indie game, and the sound effects fit well into the game as well.

Slender is a portable game for Windows and Mac that should run on all recent versions of both operating systems. It is not a game that will keep you entertained for hours, but the intensity of getting closer to finding all eight pages is well worth the download.

I took down my own video playing this sick game! For those looking for a real scare… this is way better than RE5 or Silent Hill


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